What is Proper Noise?

The positive click of a correctly aligned door latch. The reassuring tick from a healthy fuel pump. A whirring starter motor awakening a well-tuned engine with a bark. A rhythmic idle originating from balanced carburetors and ignition, that transforms into a combined wail of gears, induction, and combustion.
This is Proper Noise.
We focus on delivering the visceral motoring experience that only a vintage car can evoke.

Since 1975, the workshop on Ridge Avenue has been known for quality foreign car service in the Reading area. Under the Carriage Craft name, Bill Shields built a reputation for accurate restoration and meticulous repair of European cars. 

After 12 years developing his skills at some of the best shops in the region, Ed Sweeney returned to Reading to continue that tradition of craftsmanship.

Meet our Team

Ed Sweeney


I specialize in pre- and post-war European sports and touring cars, from the early days of motoring to the fast and powerful machines of the 1960's. Making them perform as intended by the original designers and engineers is the ultimate goal. 


Besides owning and maintaining my own vintage cars, I have been working in the trade for 12 years. Six years were spent at Motorcar Garage, a high volume British car shop, perfecting a method for quickly evaluating and correcting problems in all mechanical systems. I then took this process and applied it for the next six years at Leydon Restorations. Primarily an engine restoration shop, my experience allowed the business to re-establish itself as an equally successful full service garage. There I had the opportunity to work on Ferrari, Maserati, Talbot-Lago, Mercedes-Benz, and Alfa Romeo to name a few. It has been a privilege to exercise the precision and care necessary to keep vehicles of this caliber working properly.

Allen Witman

Lead Mechanic

I'm just a guy into cars for too many years to count (including 25 years restoring British cars full-time). An interest, no doubt instilled by my father, and reinforced by many years of helping out in my friend's dad's garage fixing up oodles of tri-5 Chevys and anything he could get his hands on. High test runs through my veins, even at today's high prices!

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Monday-Friday 9am-5pm


2242 Dengler Street

Mt Penn, PA 19606

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